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Follow SYNTON-TECH and the latest news in electronic parts market

SYNTON-TECH officially announced the agent of Walsin brand & Kamaya brand

In 2018, due to the lack of material in the market environment, the passive components in the market and the demand for smart phones and auto electronics in recent years have led to a shortage of materials, which once caused a tight supply and demand situation. However, in 2019, the market was again affected by the US-China trade war. The United States imposed tariffs on consumer electronics products such as mobile phones and laptops imported from China, which added many unsettled factors to the passive component market.

Double agent triple service

In order to serve more customers, Synton-Tech is not afraid of the impact of the big environment. Synton-Tech will promote the internationalization of its reach to the world and strive for more orders.

【Agent of Walsin Brand】

The promotion of globalization is not too late. Synton-Tech announced today that it is the agent of Walsin brand and Kamaya brand. It is a double agent and double strength. Together with the original Synton brand, it is a super complete multi-product service. , once to solve all your problems with missing materials.

【Agent of KAMAYA Brand】

Automobile quality assurance
The Walsin brand and KAMAYA brand, both brands are guaranteed by stricter quality control to meet the AEC-Q200's automotive regulations. In particular, the KAMAYA brand is tested by the VDA6.3 German automotive standard. The industry's highest auto parts. In the trend of automotive electronics, Synton could also provide you with the most advanced quality service.

【Walsin agent certificate】

Synton-Tech gives you the most competitive product prices, Walsin inventory inquiry, multi-product service, sample application! Synton-Tech quality is worth your trust
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