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Wiring resistors: automotive chip resistors, current sensing resistors, resistor display resistors, thin-film precision resistors, thick-film precision resistors, general thick-film resistors, series wave resistors and network exclusion, high-voltage resistors, burst resistors, lead-free resistors, Nickel-gold terminal electrode resistors, wavelength attenuators, fiber optic sensors.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors: general-purpose ceramic capacitors, automotive capacitors, high-frequency capacitors, soft-terminal polar capacitors, miniaturization, row value capacitors.

Wire resistance: carbon film resistance, film resistance, MELF resistance, glass glaze resistance, metal oxide film resistance, zero resistance, jumper, current resistance, winding resistance, fuse resistance, cement resistance, aluminum shell resistance... .

Wireless components: antennas, LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics), X2Y filter components.

Protection components: transient health care products, resistors (general), transient suppression (vehicle use), varistors, relay protection devices, device gas discharges, brakes, load temperature wires, and powerful discharge tube thermistors.

Aluminum components: pointer type, device type light emitting diode, chip type light emitting diode type.

Inductance: Multilayer magnetic beads, inductive inductors, wire wound inductors, EMI-power inductors, common mode choke coils, EMI-Beads.